Yoga for Digestion: 7 Yoga Poses to Improve Digestive System

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Indigestion is a well being drawback that everybody has within the type of gasoline signs, gasoline, heaviness, stomach discomfort and cramps no matter their age group. The commonest causes of indigestion are intestinal blockages, decreased blood provide within the intestines, irritation within the pancreas or abdomen.

In the yogic language “Agni (digestive fire)” is named to the power that’s related to our navel chakra and that provides our digestive system. You might not discover this, however psychological stress and anxiousness additionally create an imbalance within the umbilical chakra that upsets this digestive hearth.

Yogis observe numerous yoga poses to stimulate the digestive hearth and enhance intestinal well being. How yoga helps with higher digestion:

How Does Yoga Help With Better Digestion?

  • One of the explanations yoga helps digestion is as a result of yoga poses give attention to parasympathetic activation; H. The physique's resting and digestive programs.
  • Some yoga poses contain twisting, inversion, and flexing of the physique, which helps improve blood circulation to the intestines and stomach organs. Increased blood circulation to the intestines helps digestion by growing the availability of vitamins and making the digestive organs operate higher.
  • In addition, the yoga-induced intestinal blood circulation additionally promotes the transport of meals particles and waste merchandise by the intestines. Therefore, the intestinal blockage is eradicated.
  • Yoga is the simplest therapy in comparison with different train routines for relieving or curing irritable bowel syndrome.

This article is particularly designed to clarify some yoga postures which might be aimed toward eliminating all digestive issues. So hop on the mat to mild the digestive hearth and get your digestive system going once more.

Try these 7 yoga poses for digestion
7 yoga poses for digestion

1. Wind-relieving pose (Pawanmuktasana)

The wind-relieving posture is practiced to take away extra air from the gastrointestinal tract. If you’re mendacity in your again, pull your bent knees in direction of your chest and put your arms round your shins. At the identical time, the top and shoulders are lifted off the ground and the chin is introduced between the knees.

Wind-relieving pose for digestion "class =" wp-image-9174Image supply: Canva

How it helps with digestion::

Pawanmuktasana massages your ascending and descending colon and promotes peristalsis (symmetrical contraction and leisure of muscular tissues).

The wind-relieving pose stimulates the Vata Dosha together with the air and ether parts. It additionally stimulates the Manipura Chakra, which is the "fireplace" and regulates gastrointestinal operate. Hence, it’s most helpful for folks affected by IBS and gasoline.

In the well-known yoga e book Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha, Swami Satyananda Saraswati additionally described {that a} wind-relieving posture exerts stress on the abdomen and massages the digestive organs.

Helpful ideas:

If contracting your knees towards your chest appears daunting, this may be modified by bringing one knee towards your chest at a time. Meanwhile, the opposite leg stays straight and rests on the ground.

2. Sitting ahead bend pose (Paschimottanasana)

Sitting Forward Bending Pose "class =" wp-image-9172Image supply: Canva

Paschimottanasana is carried out in a sitting place with the legs stretched in entrance. The torso is folded ahead with arms outstretched to grip the toes with respective palms, and the brow touches the knees.

How it helps with digestion::

Paschimottanasana brings the physique right into a horizontal place and places immense stress on the liver, spleen, pancreas and intestines. This improves blood circulation to those organs and makes the digestive course of simpler.

In addition to tightening the stomach organs, it prevents these organs from changing into sluggish, making the waistline slimmer. It stimulates the Samana Prana on the photo voltaic plexus (navel) and thereby ignites the digestive hearth appropriately.

This is the explanation why Swami Swatmarama, in his yogic textual content of Hatha Yoga, described Pradipika Paschimottanasana as "the most outstanding of all asanas that let the breath flow through Sushumna". Fans the hearth of urge for food (Pitta), makes the loins supple (Vata) and eliminates all illnesses (attributable to Pitta and Vata). "

Helpful ideas:

For indigestion akin to constipation: If you are feeling an excessive amount of stress in your stomach from the ahead fold, attempt inserting a pad over your thighs close to the decrease stomach. Then fold the horizontally positioned cushion ahead.

People to start with have issue getting toes close to them. Experts due to this fact advocate greedy your knees, decrease legs, or ankles wherever it’s handy to take action.

3. Half Lord of the Fish Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

Half-Lord-of-the-Fishes-Pose "class =" wp-image-9098The stomach muscular tissues are massaged by twisting. Image supply: Canva

It is a sitting twisted posture that compresses the inner organs and stagnant blood within the decrease stomach.

Bend your left knee and place your left foot close to your proper hip. Place your proper foot outdoors of the left knee. The backbone is swirled by holding the skin left aspect of the suitable knee on the suitable foot. Finally, the suitable arm is wrapped across the again and the neck rotated to look over the suitable shoulder.

How it helps with digestion::

Ardha Matsyendrasana leaves a compressing and massaging impact on the stomach muscular tissues. "This compression, followed by a release when you come out of the twist, stimulates the digestive organs," explains yoga trainer Sally Lovett.

Helpful ideas: There are a number of variations of Ardha Matsyendrasana that you would be able to attempt relying in your flexibility and stamina.

However, should you really feel stress within the stomach muscular tissues to assist relieve indigestion, you’ll be able to twist your higher physique and solely bend one leg. Place the suitable foot both inside or outdoors the alternate knee.

This compression, adopted by a launch sequence of Ardha matsyendrasana, creates a wringing motion to take away toxins. It additionally permits contemporary and oxygenated blood to achieve the digestive organs.

4. Bow pose (Dhanurasana)

Bow pose "class =" wp-image-9170Image supply: Canva

Backbend poses can assist digestion by directing the route of the stomach organs up. In the bow pose, legs and arms are stretched like a bowstring (Dhanush) that elongates the stomach muscular tissues. Lying in your abdomen, knees are bent, toes are raised, and arms are stretched again to grip your ankles. It is enhanced by lifting the chest and pulling the legs on the identical time.

How it helps with digestion::

The physique in a bow place could be gently rocked forwards and backwards synchronized with rhythmic respiration.

"The rocking motion stimulates the digestive tract and improves the function of the large and small intestines," explains yoga trainer Kylan Fischer.

Dhanurasana acts on the whole digestive tract. It strengthens the pancreas and adrenal glands and triggers a balanced secretion between the 2. The liver and kidneys are additionally massaged, which results in improved digestion and elimination.

The final posture related to deep breaths expands and contracts the stomach organs, thereby stimulating their capabilities. This results in the elimination of constipation, indigestion, or different gastrointestinal issues.

In the bow pose, the anterior stomach wall muscular tissues are absolutely stretched. It additionally triggers the operate of parasympathetic organs by stimulating the intercostal and iliohypogastric nerves. This makes digestion simpler, as confirmed by a examine by the International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research in June 2020.

Helpful ideas:

A yoga strap is a really helpful prop to simply get into the bowed posture for digestion. You can wrap it round your ankles and maintain the straps to carry out the pose. Pull on it along with your palms to deliver your toes nearer to your buttocks. You may also attempt inserting a folded blanket below your pelvis to alleviate stress in your core muscular tissues.

5. Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana)

Thunderbolt pose for digestion "class =" wp-image-9173Sitting in your heels places stress on the stomach area. Image supply: Canva

Vajrasana acts as a catalyst to advertise the digestive course of after consuming. Simply kneel on the ground, deliver your huge toes collectively, and type a “V” with toes separating your heels. Then place your buttocks in your heels and your palms in your knees.

How it helps with digestion::

In order to digest the advanced meals particles into less complicated models, an elevated blood provide to the digestive system is required.

Holding Vajrasana does precisely the identical factor as talked about above. Since it’s finished by folding the legs, it decreases the blood provide to the decrease physique. This in the end improves blood circulation throughout the intestinal space and promotes digestion.

Yogacharya Anoop explains, "Vajrasana is also known to activate Vajra Nadi, which helps improve digestion." Vajra Nadi is a psychic channel related to the genitourinary system, and the gastrointestinal system works with the urinary system to facilitate the elimination course of. This additionally improves digestion.

As talked about above, yoga trainer Anoop additionally agrees that this pose improves blood circulation to the abdomen and pelvis. This helps with improved bowel actions and digestion.

Helpful ideas:

If there’s an excessive amount of stress in your ankles and knees whereas sitting within the lightning strike place, place a rolled-up towel between your thighs and calves.

Sitting in your heels might be uncomfortable for some. To do that, you’ll be able to put a yoga block between your toes and place your hips evenly on it.

6. Boat pose (Navasana)

Boat pose "class =" wp-image-9169The form of the "V" compresses the stomach organs for higher digestion. Image supply: Canva

Navasana is carried out by balancing the physique over the sit bones. To do that, the practitioner lifts his legs and higher physique off the ground. In this posture, the physique attains a V-like construction.

How it helps with digestion:

Navasana is one other helpful pose for higher digestion because it contracts the stomach muscular tissues. It creates stress hormones within the physique that enhance bowel actions.

The boat pose additionally stimulates the effectivity of the liver, pancreas and kidneys, selling the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes. Thus, it helps in enhancing digestion and eradicating waste merchandise.

Yoga Guru B.Ok.S Iyengar additionally talked about it as Paripurna Navasana in his e book Light On Yoga. He said that the boat pose relieved the practitioner from gasoline bloating and cured different abdomen issues.

Because Navasana is carried out to steadiness the physique on the sit bones, the diaphragm is raised, permitting air to circulation by the stomach. It relaxes the abdomen and liver, strengthens the core and again muscular tissues, which improves abdomen digestion.

Helpful ideas:

Navasana requires core power and provides the physique the tremors. It's tough for somebody who has gasoline or abdomen ache. So attempt a half boat pose, bend your knees along with your toes raised and maintain your thighs along with your palms.

7. Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Camel pose "class =" wp-image-9171The chest dealing with the ceiling extends the stomach muscular tissues. Image supply: Canva

Ustrasana improves blood circulation to the digestive tract. Do it by kneeling on the ground and arching your backbone backwards to tug your arms in direction of your heels. The palms are then pressed on the heels and the top can also be thrown backwards.

How it helps with digestion:

By bending the top again in a camel place, the neck muscular tissues are stretched. According to Ayurvedic practitioners, Ustrasana is understood to open the guts chakra (anahata) and stimulate the pachaka pitta and samana vayu. Besides these, Apana, Udana, and Vyana Vayu are additionally balanced after they maintain this pose.

It regulates correct circulation and air round each cell within the physique. So it helps within the correct digestion of meals.

The launch of Apana Vayu as one of many Ustrasana advantages is therapeutic in relieving constipation and dyspepsia.

Helpful ideas:

If you discover it arduous to get to your heels, simply kneel your again on the ground. You can place these palms over the sacrum.

Another modification might be to place a block subsequent to every leg on the skin. Place your palms over the blocks as you bend backwards.


Get rid of digestive issues, discomfort, and embarrassment as a result of these poses will at all times make you are feeling bloated, constipated, or painful.

These are all specialised pure strategies for enhancing your digestive well being. Therefore, observe the instructions for correct observe primarily based in your consolation and wishes.


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