Basti Kriya (Yogic Enema): Meaning, Types, Procedure, Benefits

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Basti Kriya is a way during which the physique is replenished internally by utterly cleaning the colon. It is likely one of the six purification methods often called Shatkarma and talked about in Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Shatkarma is a preliminary apply that purifies the physique internally after which prepares the yogi to realize religious objectives.

Every Shatkarma apply entails the cleaning of sure elements of the physique. Basti Kriya additionally cleanses the decrease stomach (giant gut) by sucking in water or air by the anus.

There are two methods for practising Basti Kriya to internally cleanse the physique and to organize the physique for pranayama and different superior asanas.

Let's attempt to perceive the method higher by specializing in its significance, implementation, and advantages

Basti Kriya which means

The time period "Basti" is used to explain one thing "that is in a cavity surrounded by four walls". Basti additionally means "hold" or is usually used to confer with the urinary bladder

Basti Kriya shares similarity with an Ayurvedic method, enemathe place the colon is cleaned by inserting a tube full of medicated fluid into the rectum. The intent behind each methods is to take away stool and different particles from the colon. Hence Basti Kriya is also referred to as the yogic enema.

In Hatha Yoga, Pradipika Basti is outlined as: “Sitting in Utkatasana, navel deep within the water, inserting a tube into the anus and contracting the anus. This cleansing with water is known as Basti Karma. "

This cleaning method is helpful in curing a number of digestive, urinary and elimination issues like gasoline, and many others.

Basti Kriya process

There are two methods of performing Basti Kriya, i.e. Jala Basti (with water) and Sthal Basti Kriya (with air). Let's get into their apply one after the other:

1. Jala Basti

Traditionally, Jala Basti was practiced squatting in a river, however it’s enough to make use of a bucket or tub full of water. "Jala" is a time period meaning "water" because the water is used right here to cleanse the intestines, therefore the title.

  • Take a bath full of water and sit or squat over it in utkatasana. The water degree should attain the navel.
  • Lean ahead and put your palms in your knees.
  • Suck the water into the colon by the anus by increasing the muscle mass of the anal sphincter.
  • Exhale and do uddhiyana bandha and nauli kriya on the identical time. This creates a vacuum-like suction to drag the water into the decrease stomach and contracts and agitates the belly muscle mass.
  • Stand up and maintain the water in your bowel for 5-30 minutes
  • Then exhale and expel the water by the anus. This is the tip of the primary spherical. You can repeat them for 3-5 rounds till the colon is cleared.

Tips to facilitate the Jala Basti Kriya

  • It's a sophisticated method, so rookies insert a catheter into the rectum to suck within the water. Traditionally, folks most well-liked bamboo tubes over plastic tubes or catheters.
  • The catheter have to be at the very least 13-15 cm lengthy, completely clean and hole.
  • About Four cm or extra of the catheter is inserted into the anus. It is really useful to lubricate it with beeswax or non-irritating oil, i. H. Vaseline or ghee for simple insertion.
  • It is vital to take away the catheter from the anus with out exhaling after you have reached your restrict for kumbhaka (respiratory failure).
  • In superior phases, when the tube will not be wanted, the rectum is pushed out and the sphincters opened with the fingers. It is then drawn whereas performing Uddhiyana Bandha, then the hand is eliminated, adopted by stopping respiration after which exhaling.
  • When you’re able to expel the water from the anus, all the time crouch over the bathroom because the stool may even be evacuated from the decrease intestines.
  • Make certain that the water is totally faraway from the intestines.

Aftercare apply (after Jala Basti Kriya)

  • Lie on a blanket in Shavasana after which progressively undertake pashinee mudra. This aids in evacuating retained water within the intestines by releasing air.
  • Then resume Shavasana adopted by knees to chest and rocking on the ground. Alternatively, you possibly can rock backwards and forwards by opening your arms at shoulder peak.
  • Rest once more in Shavasana for some time, then apply Bhujangasana 3-5 occasions to expel any remaining water or air.
  • You can even add Mayurasana to the sequence for higher expertise.

2. Sthala Basti

  • Lie in your again at an angle of 60 levels to the ground and tackle the Viparita Karani Mudra.
  • Now pull your knees down in the direction of your chest and push the sphincters in and out to fill the air in your bowels.
  • The sucked in air is held inside and drawn up in the direction of the massive gut performing Nauli Kriya. Meanwhile, the air (Apana Vayu) rises and places strain on the navel area.
  • Hold the air inside for a couple of minutes, then expel it by the anus.
  • It types a spherical of Sthala Basti and could be repeated 3-5 occasions as wanted.

Sthala Basti variations

In some texts it was additionally talked about that Sthala Basti may also be practiced underneath the idea of Pashinee Mudra. Advanced practitioners additionally do it for 2-Three minutes with paschimottanasana and apply Ashwini Mudra 20-25 occasions.

At the start, whereas performing Nauli Kriya, Uddhiyana Bandha may also be used, much like Jala Basti, to suck in air.

"Sthala" means "ground", as this Basti Kriya is carried out within the floor, therefore so referred to as. People additionally confer with it as Pavana Basti or Vata Basti Kriya as a result of air is used to cleanse the colon.

When you contemplate that the air used right here is dry, it’s generally often called Shushka Basti.

Precautions for Basti Kriya

  1. People with hypertension, hernia, or extreme indigestion should keep away from Basti Kriya.
  2. Avoid consuming meals for round 72 minutes after performing Basti Kriya.
  3. Make certain you may have expertise of Nauli Kriya and Uddhiyana Bandha.
  4. Always use a sterilized catheter tube for the Jala Basti Kriya and solely clear water, neither too sizzling nor too chilly.
  5. It is finest to keep away from this apply in cloudy, wet, windy, or stormy climate.
  6. This train have to be executed within the morning on an empty abdomen.

Basti Kriya advantages

1. Refills the intestines

Basti Kriya washes or cleanses your entire colon. It removes dangerous micro organism, poisonous contaminants, collected stool, roundworms, and warmth from the intestines.

In this fashion, Basti Kriya is a superb apply for flushing out decrease intestinal impurities which might be typically not eliminated in day by day life. Therefore it’s used for weight reduction and cleansing of the physique.

2. Heals indigestion

Basti Kriya Praxis advantages the belly organs as strain is exerted on the abdomen. It stimulates the digestive organs and improves the effectivity of the digestive system.

Not solely does it make digestion simpler, it additionally cures digestive issues. People affected by constipation, nervous diarrhea, gasoline, and irritable bowel syndrome obtain therapeutic advantages from Basti Kriya. It can also be helpful in treating power colitis and dysentery with the approval of the physician.

3. Balances the doshas

Basti Kriya brings stability between Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It removes extra disease-causing Dosha and rebalances the tissue (Dhatus). It cleanses the physique and all the senses work effectively.

4. Improves pores and skin tone

By purifying the physique internally, this apply improves your urge for food. As a end result, the physique receives correct vitamin and is effectively mirrored within the pores and skin. Basti hydrated the physique, which improved the glow, tone and texture of the pores and skin.

5. Stimulates the photo voltaic plexus

This yoga apply places strain on the stomach, which stimulates and strengthens the photo voltaic plexus. It improves the overall well-being of the physique by influencing the nervous system. It allows the abdomen, kidneys, liver and adrenal glands to work effectively.

6. Acts as a remedial measure

Diseases like Basti Kriya can remedy splenomegaly (enlarged spleen), dysuria (urinary tract illness), colon most cancers or tumors which might be quite common in males.


Basti Kriya is a sophisticated yogic cleaning of the physique that heals most illnesses. Its which means could be defined by its description as "Ardha chikitsa" i.e. H. Half of all of the world's therapies put collectively, effectively understood.

So put together your physique bodily, mentally and spiritually for the superior yoga practices and invigorate your whole senses by performing Basti Kriya.

Basti Kriya FAQs

  1. Are there any well being considerations when performing Basti Kriya?

    In trendy enema apply, Basti Kriya is carried out with some gadgets. Beginners in inserting a catheter or enema tube into the anus can injure the rectum tissue as a result of improper sitting posture and insertion. To keep away from this, it’s most well-liked to lubricate the enema tube with coconut oil and apply the mendacity place.

  2. When and the way typically ought to Basti Karma be carried out?

    Like most different yoga cleaning methods, Basti ought to be executed within the morning when the digestive system is in its relaxed kind. If you do it at every other time of the day, ensure that it’s executed Four hours after you eat.

    Some yogis additionally do Basti Kriya day by day, however if you’re a newbie simply getting began this may be executed as soon as every week.

  3. How lengthy does the Basti Kriya process take?

    Basti Kriya can final 15 to 45 minutes relying on how good you’re and the way previous you’re as a practitioner.


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