Camatkarasana (Wild Thing Pose): Meaning, How to Do, Benefits

Sanskrit pronunciation Camatkarasana
significance Camatkar = shock or marvel / Asana = pose
Pose sort Prone place, again flexion
Pose stage Medium
anatomy Gluteus maximus, triceps, hamstrings, quadriceps
different names Upside down canine pose, dancing canine pose,

Parsvottanasana info

Camatkarasana is useful on your physique because it creates emotions of pleasure and ecstasy.

To perceive the that means of Camatkarasana, you will need to know that it was derived from a Sanskrit time period, Camatkara. It is translated as "surprise" or "miracle".

It offers energetic advantages to the physique each bodily and psychologically. Camatkarasana is a cool again curve that opens the guts to pleasure and permits the practitioner to take a leap in confidence. This leaves miraculous results on the physique in all facets, therefore the identify.

Yogis higher outline Camatkarasana as "the ecstatic unfolding of the delighted heart". It opens the guts, the thoughts, and creates the braveness to take it on the wild facet by constructing self-confidence. Hence additionally as wild factor pose.

Camatkarasana is adopted by turning the higher physique upwards from the down canine pose, therefore additionally as "Flip the canine pose over".

Camatkarasana train guide

Read this train information fastidiously earlier than getting into the pose to keep away from harm or injury.


  1. Do not observe with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  2. Avoid this posture in case you injure your wrists, elbows, again, or rotator cuff muscle tissues.
  3. People with hypertension or coronary heart issues might want to skip this observe.
  4. It shouldn’t be a good suggestion to do that pose together with your head heavy.

Preparatory poses

Use the next poses to organize the physique for this uncommon dynamic bend again. They enhance stability and strengthen shoulders, arms, again and hips.

Camatkarasana directions

Camatkarasana how to do it

  1. From the down canine pose, stack your shoulders over your wrists to get to a plank.
  2. Place your proper hand barely in entrance of your shoulder and roll it onto the surface fringe of your proper foot.
  3. Now, with one knee bent and rotating your higher physique, step behind you together with your left foot and hold your proper leg straight.
  4. Press the ball of your left foot and the surface fringe of your proper foot on the ground to raise your hips off the ground.
  5. Throw your head and neck again.
  6. Lift your left physique and lengthen your left arm above your head to get right into a bend.
  7. Hold the pose and maintain your left fingertips towards the ground for 5-10 breaths.
  8. To let go, elevate your left arm and swing in your proper foot to get into the down canine. Repeat on the opposite facet.

Follow up poses

  • Child Pose (Balasana)
  • Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)


  • It is essential to maintain your alignment exact throughout this bend again to keep away from harm.
  • Make certain you don't have any issues with balancing earlier than attempting camatkarasana.


1. Camatkarasana grasps the foot

As the identify suggests, this variant makes use of the freely outstretched hand to carry the ankle of the corresponding foot. The neck muscle tissues stay relaxed and the chest is absolutely expanded.

2. Camatkarasana knee to flooring

This variation begins with getting on all fours. Then, elevate your left hand and straighten your left knee. Keep your left foot on the ground. However, the appropriate knee and palm are positioned on the ground.

From right here, the enlargement of the chest and core muscle tissues extends the left arm above the top to convey the physique into a snug and accessible again bend.

3. Camatkarasana with one leg

Practice Camatkarasana, bend your proper leg and straighten your foot on the ground. Lift your left foot off the ground and level your bent left knee towards the ceiling. Then, maintain your left knee firmly together with your left hand.

Now straighten your left leg and pull your left hand to seize your left huge toe together with your thumb, index finger, and center finger. Pull out your left leg and align your hips and shoulders.

4. Camatkarasana foot to go

This is a fusion of the primary and third variations talked about above. After adopting camatkarasana, raise your left foot off the ground and bend your knee. Grasp the left foot with the freely outstretched left hand. Pull your left foot in direction of your head, just like Natarajasana.

Camatkarasana advantages

1. Improves the flexibleness of the backbone

It is a again flexion pose achieved by opening the chest and shoulders. This is additional bolstered by stretching the neck and again muscle tissues, which strengthens the higher again. It in the end makes the backbone extra versatile.

2. Strengthens the legs and arms

Camatkarasana is practiced by stretching one arm freely and contracting the muscle tissues of the stability arm. The leg muscle tissues are additionally stretched whereas lifting the higher physique and turning it right into a again bend. These actions enhance the energy and suppleness of the arm and leg.

3. Builds nuclear energy

During the rotation of the physique from the downward canine to the again bend and the enlargement of the entrance of the trunk, the core muscle tissues are actively exercised. The belly muscle tissues are stretched and strengthen the core.

4. Improves lung capability

This backbend is a wonderful chest opener. It stretches and expands the lungs, chest, shoulders, and higher stomach. While balancing the physique in Camatkarasana, the intercostal muscle tissues function help. This improves respiration and the diaphragm can be used effectively.

5. Helps with higher digestion

The belly muscle tissues are vigorously stretched when turning into the again bend. The elongation is additional improved by balancing on the one hand and lengthening on the opposite. Hence, the digestive organs are stimulated and work effectively to enhance digestion.

6. Facilitates blood circulation

Because the guts is above the top, the physique experiences an inversion. Also, the chest expands and the pose acts as a delicate exercise for the guts. Thus, Camatkarasana is an efficient pose for bettering blood circulation.

7. Stimulates the vitality chakra

During this backward flexion, the neck muscle tissues, coronary heart, and decrease stomach are drastically stretched. This motion has a stimulating impact on the chakra of Anahata (coronary heart), Vishuddha (throat) and Svadhisthana (sacral).

As a outcome, the practitioner is obtainable a number of energetic advantages. It develops emotions of self-love and self-acceptance. It builds self-confidence, fearlessness, and helps develop higher communication expertise that contribute to self-expression.

8. Psychological advantages

Camatakarasana is a posture that requires endurance, stability, and energy. It due to this fact helps to enhance mind-body coordination and will increase the power to pay attention.

At the identical time, inversion helps the mind to get a contemporary provide of oxygenated blood. Hence, it’s used as a therapeutic pose for therapeutic anxiousness, stress, despair and different psychological well being issues.


Rotate your physique into the Camatakarasana and benefit from the pose with the depth to discover the wild facet in it.

This pose is an effective place to begin to increase your potential and clear any psychological blocks. Get the fulfilling results by following this observe information specifically ready so that you can undertake a greater model of your self.


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