Agnisar Kriya: Meaning, Steps, Anatomy, Benefits

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Agnisara Kriya is a basic yoga observe with pranayama and asana. It goals to control and purify the Manipura chakra by eradicating the toxins from the physique.

In Hatha Yoga, Agnisara is carried out by holding the breath (Bhaya kumbhaka) after which shortly extending and retracting the stomach wall. In addition to stimulating the digestive fireplace, it ignites the hidden fireplace inside you and purifies the hearth chakra.

This observe improves all main programs of the physique and allows the practitioner to completely make the most of the internal energy.

Agnisar Kriya that means

The time period "Agni" refers to "fire" and "Sara" means "essence". This "Agni" denotes the internal elemental fireplace that regulates digestion, excretion and transformation. "Sara", nonetheless, exhibits the essential operate that regulates fireplace.

Agnisar Kriya primarily strengthens the core muscle groups, which ultimately carry the digestive organs.

In Hatha Yoga Pradipika it’s talked about beneath the identify Vahnisara Dhauti, the place "Vahni" additionally means "fire" and "Dhauti" means "purification". Therefore, Agnisar Kriya not solely creates heat within the physique, but additionally purifies the hearth chakra, the photo voltaic plexus. Although Agnisar cleanses the digestive system, it isn’t a Shatkarma however a preparatory train to arrange the physique for Nauli Kriya (certainly one of 6 Shatkarma).

The respiratory sequence additionally eliminates toxins and prevents a number of ailments. It additionally improves the functioning of the immune system.

Agnisar Kriya steps

  • Stand along with your legs barely aside and take a deep breath by means of your nostril.
  • Exhale it utterly by means of your nostril. The exhalation needs to be deep sufficient on your stomach wall to go in so far as doable.
  • After this step, the air mustn’t enter your physique by respiratory. Put each fingers in your thighs, bend your knees and bend ahead barely.
  • Relax your stomach muscle groups and pull your navel in and up your backbone.
  • Bring your chin to your chest and carry out the Jalandhara Bandha.
  • Start snapping your abs backwards and forwards 10-15 occasions and holding your breath.
  • Then inhale and produce your stomach again to the middle and breathe usually.
  • This is the completion of a cycle of Agnisar Kriya.

Note: Some sources additionally point out that this train may be carried out in a cushty sitting place. Put your fingers straight in your knees and apply mild stress in your abdomen.

Duration of Agrisar Kriya

For the period of Agnisar Kriya, Gheranda Samhita mentions: "Push the umbilical node or intestine towards the spine a hundred times." For a newbie, nonetheless, it’s greater than sufficient to observe a most of 50 occasions.

Follow the instructions given to simply reap the benefits of this observe primarily based on the period and variety of repetitions.

  • It is really useful to snap the stomach a minimum of 10 occasions in a single cycle of Agnisar Kriya, growing to 30.
  • During the winter workout routines 25 Zyya cycles and in summer season Agnisar Kriya should be adopted by 10 rounds of Sitali Pranayama.
  • Beginners can begin with 5 cycles and progressively enhance that to 15.
  • When you’ve completed practising, relaxation for some time after which do Shavasana.

Anatomy by Agnisar Kriya

Agnisar Kriya improves the physician's physiology by bettering digestion, metabolism, toxin elimination, and power provide to the physique. Its anatomy may be understood beneath the next sub-headings:

1. Removes waste from the physique

In Agnisar Kriya the main focus is on holding your breath and snapping the stomach muscle groups and organs. The violent contraction and enlargement of the abdomen stimulates bowel actions and removes the stagnant meals and stool from the gastrointestinal tract

2. Nourish the entire physique

The removing of stool (toxins) from the physique initiates the assimilation course of. It causes meals to be digested higher within the intestines and the vitamins are absorbed by the physique. It nourishes each cell within the physique and promotes the formation of latest cells.

3. Stimulates the digestive fireplace

The contraction and rest of the stomach throughout Agnisar Kriya places stress on the interior organs. It strengthens the stomach muscle groups and organs, making it simpler for them to operate correctly.

This additional helps in inducing the secretion of digestive juices, which provokes the digestive fireplace. It additionally causes the absorption of vitamins from meals.

4. Promotes a greater metabolic charge

Most of the catabolic and anabolic processes within the physique happen and are affected in the course of the digestive course of. Since the digestion improves as described above, the metabolic charge can be improved by practising Agnisar Kriya.

This presents the physique huge advantages on a physiological and energetic degree.

Contraindications and Precautions

  1. People with hypertension, hernia, bowel issues, and different illnesses must keep away from this.
  2. Do not observe Agnisar Kriya whereas recovering from stomach surgical procedure.
  3. Avoid you probably have ear, nostril, and eye issues.
  4. Women throughout menstruation and being pregnant aren’t allowed to observe Agnisar Kriya.
  5. Practitioners are allowed to eat solely evenly and keep away from vegetarian, fried, or fatty meals.
  6. Refrain from alcohol and smoking when practising Agnisar Kriya.
  7. Keep your again and head upright all through the train.
  8. Don't let your chest sag or arch your again whereas exhaling your breath earlier than you snap your abdomen.
  9. Never pull in from under the breastbone to contract the abs.
  10. When pulling your abdomen in, watch out while you maintain your breath and keep away from inhaling.

Agnisar Kriya advantages

1. Strengthens the core muscle groups

Agnisara kriya acts on the stomach area and is carried out by swirling the stomach. The stomach organs contract and loosen up, thereby strengthening the core internally and externally.

2. Heals digestive issues

The efficiency of Agnisara Kriya leaves massaging and calming results on the stomach organs. Hence, this observe is finest for relieving constipation, acidity, and different abdomen issues.

A 2013 research discovered that Agnisar Kriya was considerably reliving gastroesophageal reflux illness with different pranayamas resembling Kapalbhati. The research claims that Agnisar Kriya induces diaphragmatic tone to extend LES (decrease esophageal sphincter) tone, which permits gasoline to be vented from the abdomen in acid.

3.Heals dysmenorrhea (menstrual dysfunction)

In addition to the stomach area, Agnisar additionally stimulates the pelvic flooring muscle groups and the reproductive glands. So it relieves menstrual cramps by relieving stomach cramps, heavy bleeding and related again ache.

4. Energetic and psychological advantages

When the navel is pulled, the photo voltaic plexus (Manipura Chakra) can be stimulated. This builds self-confidence, encourages enthusiasm and helps to do away with fears.

5. Relieves respiratory ailments

Agnisar Kriya is a type of Pranayama and subsequently serves as a delicate train for the lungs and the complete airways. The vigorous inhalation and exhalation of folding the abdomen out and in removes the accrued cough from the lungs. Hence, it cures bronchial asthma, tuberculosis and different lung ailments.

6. Agnisar Kriya burns stomach fats

Agnisar is a really efficient technique that stretches the stomach muscle groups and burns the additional layer of fats that’s constructed up across the stomach and navel space. It strengthens the stomach organs and muscle groups. So it may be practiced to do away with weight problems.

Research has proven constructive outcomes by way of weight reduction utilizing three rounds of Agnisar Kriya each day with different pranayama strategies. Yogis sometimes take 2 to three minutes to carry out 100 agnisar strikes a day. Just doing this this manner for a month can scale back you 2 to three inches of waist fats.

7. Therapeutic for diabetics

Agnisar Kriya squeezes and tones the interior organs together with the liver and pancreas. It regulates the right secretion of insulin and different enzymes by the liver. It additionally improves the physique's metabolic charge, thus offering calming circumstances that may treatment diabetes.

8. Delays growing older

Since it generates warmth within the physique, it drives the physique and delivers and makes use of most power. It rejuvenates the complete physique from cells to organs, brings pleasure and strengthens immunity to illness. Therefore, Agnisar Kriya delays the indicators of growing older and maintains youthfulness.


Agnisar Kriya is a newbie train that everybody can profit from. Not solely does it enhance physique operate, but it surely additionally prepares it for superior yoga practices resembling bhastrika and kapalbhati pranayama.

It doesn't take a very long time, but it surely presents a ton of well being advantages. Take a couple of minutes to Agnisar Kriya to completely take pleasure in life and enhance productiveness.


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