Uttana Mandukasana (Extended Frog Pose): How to Do, Benefits

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Sanskrit pronunciation Uttana Mandukasana
(Oot-AHN-ah Man-doo-KAHS-uh-nuh)
significance Uttana = stretched / Manduka = ​​frog / Asana = pose
Pose sort Sit, stretch
Pose degree Medium
anatomy Lower again muscle tissue, arms, shoulders, knees, hips, hamstrings
different names Extended Frog Pose and Extended Frog Pose

Uttana Mandukasana info

Uttana Mandukasana brings pleasure, well-being and pleasure in abundance by activating our inside artistic facet. It is a reasonably tough variant of Mandukasana.

The introduction to the terminology provides an perception into this pose. Here "uttana" refers to "stretched" or "upright", "manduka" means "frog", and "asana" refers to "pose".

The previous Gheranda Samhita describes Uttana Mandukasana's place as: “When the frog place holds the top on the elbow and stands up like a frog. Since the ultimate posture resembles an upright frog, therefore the title.

Other accepted widespread names of Uttana Mandukasana are Extended Frog Pose and Stretched-Up Frog Pose.

Find out methods to enhance your creativity and really feel profuse based on the observe tips of Uttana Mandukasana.

Uttana Mandukasana train handbook

Some of the security measures that you will need to take earlier than you’ll be able to put together your self for uttana mandukasana and get all of the doable advantages are as follows:


  • It is greatest to keep away from this pose throughout being pregnant or menstruation.
  • Trying out this pose in circumstances corresponding to again ache and spinal wire deformities should be prohibited.
  • Expert supervision is required when individuals with arthritis or hernia are able to attempt Uttana Mandukasna.
  • Don't attempt you probably have a incapacity in your hip joint.
  • Pain within the shoulders, elbows, and knees don’t create appropriate circumstances for training this pose.

Preparatory poses

How To Do Uttana Mandukasana (Steps)

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  1. Start by sitting in Vajrasana, holding your toes collectively.
  2. Spread each knees so far as doable and place your palms between your knees for assist.
  3. Put your chin in your chest to succeed in the Jalandhara Bandha.
  4. Inhale, increase your proper arm, and bend it on the elbow to put your proper hand beneath your left shoulder.
  5. Raise your left arm and bend it to put your left palm beneath your proper shoulder.
  6. The left wrists cross over the fitting behind the top.
  7. Hold the pose for 3-10 breaths, absolutely increasing the chest and lengthening the bulge of the backbone.
  8. Loosen your left arm, adopted by the fitting arm, and decrease it to your knees.
  9. Bring your knees nearer to sit down within the preliminary pose.

Note: These steps can be carried out one after the opposite with Mandukasana, as described in Gheranda Samhita, during which the three bandhas (Mula, Uddhiyana and Jalandhara) are concerned.

Points to notice

  • Continue to breathe usually as you maintain the pose.
  • Sit down and separate your knees. Make certain to maintain your toes in touch in order that your buttocks relaxation over the soles.
  • Practice the pose 2-Three instances, sustaining the ultimate posture for about 30 seconds every time.

Therapeutic makes use of

  • Uttana Mandukasana cures bronchial asthma and different lung ailments.
  • This posture can be helpful for eliminating menstrual cramps or ache.
  • It has relieving results on psychological problems, together with stress and anxiousness.
  • People with cervical spondylitis have to observe this pose for relieving results.
  • In addition, it additionally heals again ache within the cervical, lumbar or thoracic areas.
  • It additionally relieves neck and shoulder ache.
  • Stretching the stomach improves the functioning of the digestive organs and cures constipation or different digestive problems.
  • Uttana Mandukasana additionally stretches the pancreas and regulates insulin secretion, which is useful in treating diabetes.

Uttana Mandukasana advantages

1. Lengthen the backbone

Uttana Mandukasana is adopted by stretching the again muscle tissue, it elongates the backbone and strengthens the higher and decrease again muscle tissue. Therefore, it makes the again muscle supple and will increase the flexibleness of the backbone.

2. Improves belly energy

While training this pose, the belly muscle tissue and organs are stretched and gently massaged. It improves blood move to that area and improves the energy of the core and inside organs.

3. Ton the arms

The arm muscle tissue are additionally strongly stretched, they stimulate the shoulder blades, elbows and likewise the wrists. This is a mild arm train and gives toned and stronger arms and shoulders.

4. Strengthens the leg muscle tissue

It is practiced by folding the legs on the knees, adopted by widening the knees and stretching the ankles. The quadriceps are strongly stretched and the blood move to the leg muscle tissue will increase. It improves coordination of the knees and ankles, and strengthens the hip joint, knees, thighs, calves, and ankles.

5. Promotes lung capability

In the tip place. The chest is absolutely expanded to curve the again. Hence, it stretches the lungs and diaphragm. It improves lung capability and clears the airways to clear trapped congestion. Hence, it helps in facilitating higher respiration.

6. Improves reproductive well being

When the knee is separated, the groin and pelvic flooring muscle tissue are gently stretched. This improves the blood provide to the genitals and will increase total reproductive well being.

7. Opens the sacral chakra

This pose is understood to enhance the practitioner's artistic expertise. This is as a result of this posture stimulates the sacral chakra (Swadhisthana) whereas stretching the stomach and genitals. This will enhance the practitioner's high quality of life by bringing emotional stability and pleasure.


Uttana mandukasana is a physique enjoyable yoga package deal that leaves behind bodily, psychological and emotional therapeutic results. Try it out by following the given train information to get all the advantages.


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