Visvamitrasana (Sage Visvamitra's Pose): Steps, Benefits, Variations

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Sanskrit pronunciation Visvamitrasana
that means Sage Visvamitras pose
Pose sort Sitting aspect bend
Pose stage Advanced
Concentrated muscle groups Quadriceps, hamstrings, biceps and triceps, core
different names Visvamitra pose, flying warrior pose, compass arm steadiness

Visvamitrasana info

Visvamitrasana, named after the sage Visvamitra, is a sophisticated mixture of balancing and twisted pose.

In Visvamitrasana, the legs are stretched aside in a niche whereas the higher physique extends in direction of a raised leg. It acts as a hip opener, shoulder opener, thigh stretch, and twists nearly your entire physique. Hence thought of a great pose for the musculoskeletal system.

This yogic course of has broadly practiced leaping into the finer and improved model of the self than ever earlier than. By working towards this asana, one can incorporate a way of steadiness, rhythm, and stream into their day by day physique actions. However, the give up to this pose stimulates the entire particular person of an individual and makes them really feel extra alive.

Visvamitrasana that means

Visvamitrasana is the pose named after a Visvamitra who turned a sensible man by the king. The that means of Vishwamitra is; Visva means "the world", Mitra means "a friend". The sage Visvamitra is thought for his yogic energy of compassion in direction of all folks he has met. This angle offers the guts a gap; H. The compassion middle in our physique in order that Visvamitrasana is devoted to the sensible Vishwamitra.

This asana gives not solely energy and energy that the prana makes use of to nourish life, but in addition to revive interior steadiness. In this manner, the practitioner can regulate to his setting and react in a pleasant method with a purpose to hold humanity alive for eternity.

Everything turns into attainable from inside and Visvamitrasana, because the identify suggests, offers the interior self the flexibility to be an open ocean of happiness. So the folks round us can see the infinity of potentialities that every of us has. By combining these potentialities, a horizon of immense imaginative and prescient may be created that nurtures the ecology of the delicate interior self.

Story of sage Vishwamitra

The sensible Visvamitra is among the seven sensible sons born of the spirit of Brahma (the god of creation in Hinduism). One day King Kaushik (former identify of Vishwamitra) noticed a cow named Nandini who’s possessed by Maharishi Vashishta and has a blessing to bestow something to whoever requested. Vishwamitra needed to personal the cow. He requested Vasishtha to permit him to take the cow with him, which Vasishtha denied and stated that it was Devas (God), not his. Whereupon King Kaushik bought offended and attacked Vasishtha. However, he was defeated by the penitential energy of Vasishtha.

Suddenly Vamadev (who was preserving a side of the god Shiva) appeared and saved Kaushik from Vasishtha. To Vasishtha's shock, Kaushik requested Vamadev how highly effective he was. Vamadev replied that it was all due to Vasishthas Brahmashakti. Kaushika then needed to develop into like Vasistha. King Kaushika, who was led by Vamdeva, turned Vishwamitra.

Visvamitrasana Exercise information

If you comply with the steps beneath, you possibly can safely apply this pose.

Contraindications to Visvamitrasana

Visvamitrasana shouldn’t be practiced underneath the next circumstances.

  • Practitioners with hamstring syndrome ought to keep away from working towards Visvamitrasana. This might put strain on the nerve, which may be pinched between the thigh muscle groups and the pelvic bone. It can be painful to disregard.
  • Pregnant girls mustn’t apply Visvamitrasana. The intense stretching of the stomach might squeeze the abdomen, which might not be acceptable in such a state of affairs.
  • Practitioners with accidents to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, neck, backbone, and knee mustn’t apply till the situation normalizes. Continuing, nevertheless, might create extra critical well being issues.
  • Those who’ve had stomach, decrease again, knee, and shoulder surgical procedure ought to keep away from or weigh till restoration. After restoration, one ought to seek the advice of a physician earlier than beginning the apply.

Preparatory poses

Visvamitrasana steps

Image: Canva

  • Start by entering into the Adho Mukha Svanasana and maintain right here for just a few breaths. Now inhale and raise your proper foot and place it proper subsequent to your proper palm going through outwards.
  • After that, plate your left foot in order that the toes are going through out. Now elevate your proper arm to convey it in entrance of your foot and produce your proper shoulder underneath your knee.
  • When you regular your left foot on the mat, bounce into the ultimate pose. Now, by urgent the periphery, flip the foot outwards in a route that’s in direction of your left physique.
  • Now raise your proper thigh up and let your physique fall barely to your proper aspect. From right here, your proper hand will maintain your physique weight whereas your left foot stays flat on the mat.
  • Now attempt to put your left hand across the toes of your proper foot, then inhale to straighten your proper leg in order that the only is going through within the route you’re looking.
  • Open your chest up and lengthen your backbone with a glance to the ceiling aspect and maintain it right here for so long as you want.
  • Now slowly loosen the fastening of the left hand and the suitable foot. Bend your proper knee and drop your leg to return to the Adho Mukha Svanasana.


While doing Visvamitrasana, precautions needs to be taken to keep away from critical harm or ruptured muscle groups.

  • While placing your proper foot subsequent to your proper hand, practitioners ought to make it possible for their proper knee is aligned subsequent to their armpit. This ensures the steadiness of the pose.
  • Hold the foot basis within the pose strongly as you slowly elevate one hand to wrap across the entrance of the other foot. There is an opportunity that you’ll fall again with each legs straight.
  • One ought to attempt to hold the physique stage and keep away from any sort of compression within the decrease again from the widening of the sacrum. Such positioning creates an general steadiness in posture.

Tips for newbies

  • When making an attempt to achieve the suitable foot above the pinnacle with the suitable hand, newbies might encounter difficulties attributable to a stiffened shoulder. So, initially, in Visvamitrasana, elevate your hand above your head and solely stretch it upwards with a rope or a help.
  • Due to the stiffened hamstrings, it may be troublesome for newbies to carry out this pose abruptly. Therefore, do that asana with persistence and keep away from forcing the pose. However, one can work on the Achilles tendon to find the convenience in apply.
  • Practitioners who’ve problem balancing posture ought to press the interior thigh of the elongated leg in opposition to the triceps of the bottom hand. It will present the required help for preserving.

Props and modifications

Beginners might discover it useful to do Visvamitrasana with some modifications. Use completely different props akin to a block, a belt, and a chair to assist obtain higher steadiness in Visvamitrasana.

  • Due to the decrease top of the trunk in Visvamitrasana, there could also be an opportunity that you’ll lean to both aspect. To keep away from this, practitioners can use blocks underneath their base hand to realize top. This will lower the depth of the aspect stretch and make the pose extra definable.
  • When practitioners are unable to achieve the foot of their hand above their head. To attain this foot, you possibly can tie the strap to your prolonged foot after which maintain it over your head together with your hand.
  • If practitioners have problem lifting their prolonged leg, they’ll use a chair and put their leg on it. Then slowly attain for the foot of the prolonged leg and refine its posture.


By altering the position of some elements of the physique, the physician can carry out the next variations of Visvamitrasana.

1. Ardha Visvamitrasana

In this asana, the prolonged leg shouldn’t be as confused as in Visvamitrasana, the place the practitioner strives for max extension. One leg within the Ardha Visvamitrasana pose is positioned on the ground above the knee, making it much less difficult than the fundamental pose, whereas preserving the left leg straight within the fundamental pose.

Start by coming into Adho Mukha svanasana, then place your proper leg outward subsequent to your proper hand. Now convey your proper hand in entrance of you by leaning your physique to the left and putting your left knee on the ground in order that the thigh is pointing in direction of your proper hand. Now, seize your proper foot together with your left hand whereas lifting each of you on the similar time and maintain right here for some time. Then come again by dropping your proper leg and lifting your left knee again.

2. Utthita Parsvakonasana (prolonged aspect angle pose)

Utthita Parsvakonasana (extended side angle pose)Image supply: canva

In the Visvamitrasana the suitable leg stays raised and stretched, which is grasped by the suitable hand above the pinnacle, whereas within the Utthita Parsvakonasana the left leg stays immediately behind the physique and the suitable leg is at a 90-degree angle. And the suitable hand was positioned from the within subsequent to the suitable foot, and the higher physique rolled up for a very long time with each eyes and left hand in the identical route.

Start by going into the warrior pose, wherein your proper leg is at a 90 diploma angle whereas your left leg is prolonged behind your physique and your hand is raised in Namaste Mudra. From right here, drop your torso from the suitable aspect to put your proper hand subsequent to your proper foot from the within. Now, roll your torso upward to lift your left hand immediately into the sky. Direct your gaze in direction of your left hand and maintain it right here for some time. Then come again by pulling your left hand down and lifting your torso again in a warrior pose, then loosen up.

Therapeutic advantages

  • The difficult nature of Visvamitrasana gives the opening of the chest, which improves respiratory capability and helps respiratory.
  • The hip opening on this posture offers extra freedom of motion, this permits higher blood circulation and extra help for the again muscle groups.
  • Our abdomen and waist stay tied up in Visvamitrasana in order that the opening of the waist creates a postural alignment and in addition helps the intervention of the core muscle groups.

Visvamitrasana advantages

Visvamitrasana is a superb stretching pose for the hips and leg muscle groups. It gently rotates the higher physique together with the chest and shoulders whereas releasing any pressure from the decrease again.

Below are some key advantages of Visvamitrasana.

1. Strengthens the bones

Due to the few attachment factors of the physique from the bottom, the load of the physique was distributed accordingly. As a end result, these elements of the physique and their surrounding constructions endure from a gravitational drive that helps the bones take up extra calcium from the blood. So make them stronger.

2. Promote respiratory

Rolling up the chest whereas working towards Viswamitrasana will assist open the chest, which may even assist the lungs in respiratory optimally. This results in an enchancment in lung capability and permits them to launch extra oxygen all through the physique. It subsequently promotes respiratory.

3. Improve flexibility

This asana is an efficient method to growing physique actions. Twisting and stretching throughout train stretches the muscle groups and permits them to extend their threshold by way of flexibility. This units a brand new restrict with every train try.

4. Massages of stomach organs

Twist and twist to create a massaging impact on the stomach organs, which stimulates blood stream within the blood vessels of the stomach cavity. As a end result, it nourishes the kidney, pancreas, gallbladder, abdomen, small and enormous intestines, liver, and many others.

5. Activates the Mooladhara Chakra

Visvamitrasana entails a hip opening that impacts the situation of the Mooladhara chakra or perineum. Therefore, with acceptable alignment and respiratory strategies, one can discover the best way by way of the activation of the foundation chakra. This helps the practitioner with vitality, energy and development.

6. Helps with sciatica

Sciatic ache is relieved by twisting or just stretching. Hence, working towards Visvamitrasana helps in loosening up your gluteal and piriformis muscle groups, which may develop into infected and press in opposition to the sciatic nerve. In addition to this, it additionally helps in relieving the minor ache skilled by common practitioners.


The offended king turns right into a humble sage. Vishwamitra and his asana not solely train the world to reside along with a form method, but in addition assist restore optimum well being and wellbeing.

Because of the superior stage, the practitioner can face numerous bodily and psychological challenges. However, as soon as they get to the final level within the pose, they notice the true potential of this highly effective asana. So one ought to apply day by day to be in tune with this asana.


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