Reverse Warrior Pose (Viparita Virabhadrasana): Steps, Benefits

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Sanskrit pronunciation Viparita Virabhadrasana
(VIP-uh-REE-tuh veer-uh-boo-DRAHS-uh-nuh)
that means Viparita = reverse / Virabhadr = warrior / Asana = pose
Pose kind Standing again bend
Pose stage Beginner Pose
Concentrated muscle tissue Hip flexors, neck, shoulder, knee, thigh, pelvic muscle tissue, gluteal muscle tissue, thighs, decrease again,
different names Urdhva Virabhadrasana, peaceable warrior pose

Viparita Virabhadrasana info

Reverse Warrior is a standing backbend pose. It provides the lateral trunk muscle tissue a delicate stretch.

Just like different poses within the Warrior sequence (1, 2, 3), the inverted warrior's legs are held in a large lunge place to create a warrior-like stance. This pose is assumed by entering into Warrior 2 after which Warrior 2 lifting the ahead hand up and again. It opens the intercostal muscle tissue that run between the ribs and improves the respiration course of.

Viparita Virabhadrasana

Viparita Virabhadrasana is a Sanskrit title of the Reverse Warrior Pose. The title "Virabhadra" is derived from the violent incarnation of the Hindu Lord Shiva. There is a legendary story behind this pose title.

According to Hindu legend, Daksh (father of Shiva's spouse Parvati) made an providing to which his daughter and Shiva (chief of all gods) weren’t invited. In addition, Parvati, feeling humiliated and disrespectful to her husband, took a step in direction of sati (to burn alive within the hearth). When Shiva discovered what had occurred, he took a lock of his hair and hit it on the ground. This then gave start to the Virabhadra and Bhadrakali (offended incarnation of Devi or Goddess who granted him the ability of destruction). This led to the destruction of the whole kingdom of King Daksha and was additionally beheaded because of the wrath of the Virabhadra.

Reverse Warrior Pose: Love Over Ego

The destruction of King Daksha's military by the Lord himself in his fearful warrior state was a mannequin for the world. Love is aware of no boundaries and if one thing just like the ego ever tries to change into the one between family members, it can finally go away.

The unhealthy state of the physique is its "ego". The apply of Reverse Virabhadrasana acts as "love" in restoring "health and well-being" to the practitioner. With this in thoughts, the last word aim is simplified with any apply that nourishes us within the type of love.

Exercise information

Viparita VirabhadrasanaImage: Canva

Follow the directions under to securely apply the Reverse Warrior Pose.

Contraindications to the Reverse Warrior Pose

Women in terminal levels needs to be cautious when practising or undertake an inverted warrior stance below an skilled yoga teacher. If there’s an harm to the hips, neck, decrease again, knees and ankles, this apply of pose needs to be prevented. Avoid holding Reverse Virabhadrasana below hypertension for lengthy intervals of time, and in addition keep away from practising on current belly, knee, ankle, and backbone surgical procedures.

Preparatory poses

How To Do Reverse Warrior Pose (Steps)

  • Start by coming into Tadasana. Your arms subsequent to your hips and shoulders relaxed. The toes are hip-width aside.
  • Now make a slight left flip to put your proper foot Three to Four toes ahead. In the meantime, your left foot needs to be at a 45-degree angle, pointing barely inward along with your proper foot. This is a warlike posture of the legs.
  • After that, increase your arms parallel to the ground in order that your palms are dealing with the ground. Activate your shoulder blades to succeed in ahead via your finger.
  • Bend your proper knee to create a 90-degree angle with an exhale. Keep your knee simply above your ankle and your shin perpendicular to the ground. From right here, drop your hips so your thighs are parallel to the ground. This is the place of Warrior 2.
  • Now, drop your left shoulder to succeed in the again of the left thigh along with your left hand. Then inhale to boost your proper arm and prolong your fingers towards the ceiling facet in order that your higher proper arm touches your proper ear.
  • Next, lengthen your sides of your waist by holding the inspiration tight and dropping your hips. Now, as you provoke an inward arch within the backbone, slide your left hand to succeed in the left calf.
  • Now tilt your head again a bit of and take a look at the raised hand. Meanwhile the shoulder relaxed and the chest heaved. This is the ultimate place for the Reverse Warrior Pose.
  • Hold a number of breaths right here, then come again with an inhale to drop your arms into Warrior 2. Now push via your again foot to straighten your proper knee. Come to the impartial place and lift your left leg.
  • Now deliver your hand fully subsequent to your hips and produce your left foot again to the earlier place. Then loosen up.

Follow up poses

Since Reverse Warrior is a backbend pose, these subsequent poses needs to be practiced to neutralize any muscle tissue which might be tense after the pose.


For correct alignment and secure apply, the next precautions needs to be taken within the inverted warrior pose.

  • While bending your proper knee to kind a proper angle, practitioners ought to grip the ground with their left foot. This acts as a hinge assist when shifting weight onto the appropriate foot.
  • When reaching the left leg with the left hand. Practitioners ought to activate their thighs and glutes to keep away from the pelvis from falling all of the sudden.
  • Avoid free toes whereas bending backward in an inverted warrior place. This can result in overstretching of the backbone and displacement of the toes and finally falling backwards.

Beginner Tips for Reverse Warrior Pose

Beginners can reverse the Warrior Pose within the following modifications to make the pose simpler.

  • Practitioners with tight hips and hamstrings could have issue opening their legs once they get into the reverse warrior stance. You can scale back the space between the entrance and rear toes or prolong your proper knee up till you are feeling snug.
  • The right 90 diploma angle within the knee is required earlier than bending again. This will be achieved by deepening the pelvic placement, which requires adequate power within the thighs. By ascending the pelvis, rookies can scale back the strain from their thighs.
  • The stiffened again makes it troublesome to achieve management of the backbend. Hence, rookies can do that pose in entrance of the wall to keep away from being far-off within the backbend or finally falling.

Variations of the Reverse Warrior Pose

The two standard variations of the inverted warrior stance are twisted inverted and certain inverted warrior stance. This is what they appear to be:

1. Twisted Reverse Warrior Pose

In a twisted, inverted warrior posture, the higher physique is turned to the facet whereas sustaining the essential posture after which gently stretched backwards in a again bend.

To get right into a twisted reverse warrior pose, gently shift your weight from the reverse warrior onto the entrance leg (i.e., at a 90 diploma angle). Now, as you exhale, slowly rotate your higher physique in direction of the entrance bent leg. In this place, one arm is lifted within the air (forearm) and the left arm slides right down to the rear Achilles tendon.

1. Tied Reverse Warrior Pose

bound reverse warrior poseImage: Canva

In this variant, the again arm is wrapped behind the again. It known as a tied inverted warrior pose as a result of that is the place the higher physique is tied by the hand placement.

To get into the pose, from the rear warrior, slide your rear arm behind your again and attain the backhand for the within of your entrance thigh. Then bend backwards as you open your chest to 1 facet.

Therapeutic use

  • Promote respiration – The again flexion within the reverse warrior place stretches the intercostal muscle tissue. This releases pressure between the ribs and opens the chest. Allow the lungs to correctly inflate with inhaled air.
  • Reduce prenatal stress – Reverse Warrior Pose acts as a stress buster for pregnant girls. In one examine, prenatal stress within the yoga group was lowered by 32% when practising a reverse warrior pose together with different prenatal yoga poses.

Reverse Warrior Pose Benefits

The Reverse Warrior Pose affords many advantages that take well being and wellbeing to new ranges. Some of them comply with.

1. Improves the flexibleness of the backbone and hip joint

The reverse bend within the Reverse Warrior pose extends throughout the again, which helps realign the vertebrae. This in flip stretches the entrance physique and shoulder, which helps improve the flexibleness of the backbone.

While the hip joint is claimed to be extra secure and fewer cell than the shoulder joint, it could actually nonetheless be extraordinarily limiting and even dangerous if the hip joint will not be absolutely cell. The foot separated in Reverse Virabhadrasana stretches the hips and will increase their flexibility. This additional results in stronger actions.

2. Strengthens the leg muscle tissue

The strain exerted on the legs when practising the reverse warrior stance strengthens the leg muscle tissue. According to one of many research, common apply of this asana improves leg power in regular pre-menopausal girls between the ages of 35 and 50.

3. Activates the throat chakra and the center chakra

Lifting and tilting the pinnacle up into the chest impacts the delicate power channels. This train, together with correct alignment and respiration, prompts the center and throat chakra. This has additional results on a religious stage. Opening the center chakra fills you with love, forgiveness and compassion, improves communication, self-expression and the power to inform your private fact.

4. Helps in reducing blood strain

According to 1 examine, a simultaneous improve in parasympathetic exercise and a lower in sympathetic exercise was postulated as an essential mechanism of motion of the common apply of the reverse warrior pose. This additional regulates the issue associated to blood strain and finally lowers it.

5. Reduces again ache

The reverse warrior pose is among the greatest backbends poses for lowering again ache. The quadriceps, hip flexors and gluteus maximus muscle tissue are stretched to assist the again muscle tissue. This holds the encompassing muscle tissue in place and invigorates the again muscle tissue. In this manner it acts as a therapeutic help for again ache.

6. Reduces stress and anxiousness

Muscle stiffness is commonly brought on by stress that impacts the physique, nervous system and its operate. This in flip causes the nervous system to place strain on the blood vessels, which results in decreased blood circulate to the muscle tissue. However, practising the reverse warrior pose makes the muscle tissue versatile, which reduces stress and relaxes the physique.


The Reverse Warrior pose is among the sequence poses within the Warrior sequence. This is an efficient posture for opening the higher physique and enhancing the flexibleness of the backbone and pelvis.

It will be practiced repeatedly to carry the psychological, bodily, and religious points of the physique as properly.


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