Snake Pose Yoga (Sarpasana): How to Do, Benefits, Precautions

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Sanskrit pronunciation Sarpasana (Sar-pAA-Asa-nuh)
which means Sarpa = snake / Asana = pose
Pose kind Backbending
Pose stage Intermediate pose
stretch Hamstring muscle groups, thighs, pelvic muscle groups, glutes, buttocks, hip flexors, shoulder, fingers, core, neck
different names Sarpasana, snake pose.

Information on maintaining snakes

The snake pose is a average yoga pose. It is a sophisticated variant of Bhujangasana that has virtually comparable advantages. This pose stretches the lungs, shoulders, chest, and stomach with elevated affect on the chest area. Sarpasana strengthens the backbone and likewise helps relieve stress.

Because of its dynamic method, the snake pose stimulates the practitioner's physique and for a similar cause it has been included within the circulation yoga sequence. In classical yoga, Sarpasana is taken into account a constructing block for the extra superior observe of the again flexion posture.

Sarpasana which means & which means

The Sarpasana is a Sanskrit time period wherein Sarpa means "snake" and "Asana" means "pose". The practitioners who observe this pose are just like the snake with the outstretched fingers behind it making a pull to elevate the snake's hood.

Snakes are reptiles that crawl and cling to the earth. This is just like the standard side of training the snake pose, which helps maintain one's ego in test.

Historically, snakes or snakes stand for fertility and inventive life power or delicate energies. In yoga, the coiled serpent symbolizes Kundalini (delicate life power that sits in Mooladhara). However, the symbolic illustration of this side is that heavenly beings (those that are extra aware and succesful than people) entered this dimension within the type of a serpent.

Apart from that, the snakes lose their pores and skin by peeling off. They symbolize transformation, fertility and rebirth. In this fashion, training the snake pose refines the bodily, psychological and non secular state by way of the transformation and makes the practitioner extra fertile and alive than earlier than.

Difference between Sarpasana and Bhujangasana

The Sarpasana is a sophisticated variant of the Bhujangasana. Both poses are practiced mendacity down, however there are some variations in method and posture. So we're going to undergo each positions.

  • In Bhujangasana, the fingers are on both aspect of the physique, barely outward from the shoulder, and bear the burden of the higher physique. In Sarpasana, nevertheless, the fingers are folded behind the physique and assist to elevate the higher physique utterly by way of the backbone.
  • The backbone in Bhujangasana is extra curved than in Sarpasana. From the entrance physique, the hips contact the ground within the former pose, whereas the floating ribs keep involved with the ground within the latter.
  • The interior thighs, glutes and buttocks are extra busy within the snake pose than within the cobra pose, and each ft are energetic and level backwards within the sarpasana.
  • The chest is extra open and the chin factors ahead in Sarpasana, whereas the chin factors in the direction of the ceiling and the chest is much less open in Bhujangasana.
  • Most of the advantages of Sarpasana are just like these of Bhujangasana like therapeutic massage the belly organs, strengthening the core, and adaptability of the backbone. However, the decrease physique in Sarpasana is extra activated than in Bhujangasana, which strengthens the muscular elements of this area.

Exercise information

Practitioners can undergo the next factors in sequence as a way to observe Sarpasana absolutely and safely.

Contraindications to maintaining snakes

Practitioners with an inguinal hernia, gastric ulcer, and intestinal tuberculosis ought to keep away from holding a snake pose. Women who’re pregnant and have a protracted menstrual cycle don’t use Sarpasana. Avoid training on accidents to the backbone, decrease again, and shoulder. Practitioners with coronary heart circumstances and those that have not too long ago undergone belly surgical procedure ought to seek the advice of their physician earlier than doing this pose.

Preparatory pose

Since the snake pose is a mild curve of the again, opening the shoulder and sides of the intercostal muscle groups is required. To do that, carry out Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward going through canine pose), Bhujangasana (cobra pose) and Dhanurasana (bow pose) in preparation for the snake pose.

How To Do Snake Pose (Steps)

  • First, lie in your abdomen on the mat. Your fingers are straight subsequent to your hips and legs in a way that’s going through the ceiling. Go down on both aspect of your physique.
  • Now take your two fingers simply above your hips and entangle your fingers. Prepare right here for the elevator.
  • Inhale whereas holding your breath and elevate your higher physique like your head first after which the remainder of your physique. Use your core and again muscle groups to assist the elevate right here. Your legs ought to stay grounded, solely the higher physique is raised.
  • When you have got reached the ultimate place, assault your shoulder blades, interior thighs, glutes and buttocks to keep up the pose. Do shallow respiratory right here to maintain the pose alive.
  • Now stretch your crossed arms again so far as you possibly can to refine the elevation of the trunk. Wait 15 to 20 seconds right here.
  • From right here, breathe out and return, slowly releasing your outstretched fingers. Relax the pressured muscle groups and lie down on the mat.

Follow up poses

To alleviate the backbending impact of the snake pose, do one in all these follow-up poses after your exercise.


  • Practitioners ought to keep away from jerking their higher physique off the ground in a snake pose. It could cause accidents to the decrease again and neck.
  • The closing place of the snake pose makes respiratory uncomfortable for the practitioner. Here the diaphragm is beneath stress. Avoid lengthy and deep respiratory ultimately place.
  • When practitioners return to the bottom, they need to cross their fingers. Until or till the ground is totally reached, as a sudden launch in a raised place can put pressure on the again or the top can hit the ground.

Tips for learners

  • Use a rope – Beginners might have problem greedy the hand behind the physique resulting from a stiff shoulder. So by grabbing a rope or strap in a folded fist, you possibly can attain one another or by pushing your fist within the center. However, common observe regularly releases the stiffness from the shoulder.
  • Wall assist – Weak core muscle groups and an absence of flexibility within the backbone make it tough for the trunk to elevate off the ground. Beginners can lean their higher physique in opposition to the wall and switch their head to both aspect with their fingers subsequent to their waist. This creates flexibility within the backbone and likewise stretches the core.
  • Use a pillow or pillow – Practitioners have problem sustaining their closing posture because of the stress on their stomach. It makes snake pose uncomfortable whereas respiratory. They put a pillow or pillow beneath their floating ribs. This distributes the burden of the torso throughout your complete props and helps respiratory throughout coaching.

Variations in maintaining snakes

The Cobra Pose and the Striking Cobra Pose are two easy variations of the fundamental Sarpasana pose. These two will be practiced by the practitioner to develop the flexibleness of the backbone for extra superior bending again asanas.

1. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra pose for back painImage: Canva

Sarpasana is the superior variant of Bhujangasana and the identical is true of Sarpasana. Here, practitioners elevate their our bodies with the assistance of a palm that protrudes barely from their shoulder, together with their curved backbone, straight legs and gaze in the direction of the ceiling.

In the Sarpasana, the fingers behind and above the hips and higher physique, that are raised with straight legs, are entangled and folded collectively. While in Bhujangasana the higher physique is supported over the hand, which is positioned straight again from the shoulder and legs. The higher and decrease physique are actively concerned within the former group, whereas the higher physique is concerned within the latter.

2. Striking Cobra Pose (Sashank Bhujngasana)

Striking Cobra is a circulation sequence pose with a mix of Shashankasana (Hare Pose) and Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose). This is a dynamic variation of the snake pose.

Practitioners start by doing the kid's pose after which urgent the palms of their fingers to get into bhujangasana. It must be finished in a circulation based on the flexibility.

Therapeutic use

  • Corrects the alignment of the backbone – The snake posture corrects dangerous posture by bending the backbone backwards. In this place, the again of the backbone pushes the disc away from the spinal nerves and compresses the entrance of the vertebrae. This helps realign the vertebrae whereas stimulating the nervous system.
  • Promotes deep respiratory – The bending again within the Sarpasana extends over the chest area, which results in enlargement. It causes freer and deeper respiratory, which provides the blood with extra oxygen and strengthens the guts muscle groups. This improves respiratory and reduces the danger of coronary heart illness.

Benefits of maintaining snakes

Practicing the snake pose has advantages when it comes to respiratory, endocrine, reproductive, digestive, and non secular elements.

The following are a number of the advantages the physician can achieve from common observe.

1. Corrects the spherical shoulder

Due to inappropriate physique positions, the physique would curve ahead over time. This is feigned as a pure situation by the physique muscle groups and will be very dangerous if left untreated. The observe of Sarpasana restored the earlier alignment of the backbone that resulted in a traditional shoulder.

In younger kids, the snake pose helps to strengthen the core muscle groups in addition to the shoulders, again and neck. It helps you distinguish between arching and arching your again.

2. Develops immunity and resistance

According to one of many researches, common observe of Sarpasana develops immunity and resistance. The chest opening improves respiratory, which additional stimulates the trade of cells and elements of the innate immune system between lymphoid tissues and the blood compartment.

3. Helpful in diabetes

Improper consuming habits, d. H. Excessive consumption of energy results in the deposition of fats which, together with no bodily exercise, results in abnormalities in endocrine secretion. According to one of many research, Sarpasana places stress on the pancreas. This in flip stimulates and secretes the insulin hormones in optimum quantities. Therefore, overcome the situation of diabetes.

4th Activates the Anahata Chakra

The snake pose is alleged to stimulate the Ida and Pingala Nadi by selling deep respiratory by way of each nostrils. This in flip stimulates the sushumna and redirects the prana to replicate its impact on the anahata chakra and prompts it on this asana observe. This offers empathy and compassion and is liable for your capability to forgive and settle for.

5. Overcomes indigestion

Sarpasana's susceptible place places stress on the belly space. This has a massaging impact on the digestive organs, which retains your organs intact and makes your organs simpler to operate. This will assist your physique get a lot of the vitamins from meals and overcome indigestion.

6. Strengthens the reproductive organs

The decrease physique is extra energetic in Sarpasana than in Bhujangasana. This is why components work repeatedly to remain within the pose and the muscle groups want the oxygen that’s being met by blood circulation to the affected space. This strengthens the organs of the female and male reproductive organs and ensures a strengthening.


The Sarpasana is an efficient asana that improves posture by adjusting the alignment and adaptability of the backbone. It is useful in diabetes and overcomes digestive issues as properly.

Anyone with a sure flexibility within the backbone can observe this asana and enhance it with common observe. Hence, Sarpasana is a straightforward method to an individual's general well being and wellbeing.


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