Yoga for Neck Pain: Practice These 8 Simple Yoga Poses

A easy yoga stretch for neck ache reduction. Image: Canva

When was the final time you took your eyes off the screens and targeted in your throat? Is it the lengthy hours of your desk job, the mistaken posture or the tense muscle groups which might be inflicting you a painful neck? Whatever the explanation, yoga could possibly be your first selection for neck ache.

Practicing the Iyengar type of yoga was proven to be efficient in relieving persistent neck ache in a 9-week randomized medical trial. The method yoga poses create an eccentric contraction across the affected space of ​​the physique releases the gathered pressure from the tensed muscle groups.

But why are the neck muscle groups tense?

why neck painImage: Canva

Staying on-line or engaged on digital units 24/7 has detrimental results on our postures, terminology like given Tech neck for neck ache or pressure on the neck muscle groups. While we’re sitting in entrance of a display screen or checking a smartphone, our heads normally bend ahead. In this place, the neck can now not switch the load of the pinnacle to the backbone, which places the neck and shoulder below pressure.

In a 2018 Harvard Health report that revealed seven out of ten individuals, neck ache will happen sooner or later of their life.

There are quite a lot of doable causes, in addition to quite a lot of neck ache that will happen, that aren’t straightforward to diagnose. To that finish, a 2019 evaluation article confirmed confirmed outcomes for yoga to alleviate such nonspecific persistent neck ache.

To higher perceive neck ache, let's begin with the kind of neck ache and discomfort you might be going by.

Yoga helps relieve neck ache

Yoga relieves neck painImage: Canva

Yoga poses are excellent bodily workouts that can enable you keep the proper place of your head, which is able to scale back the pressure in your neck and keep away from neck ache. In addition, yoga poses gently stretch the muscle groups surrounding your neck to launch the strain that’s inflicting ache.

This part describes several types of neck ache and their signs. It will probably be helpful to diagnose the basis explanation for your sore neck and the ways in which yoga helps to eliminate it.

  • Mechanical neck ache Also often called axial ache, it typically happens behind the neck. This is the most typical neck ache to expertise and is usually confined to a particular area of the neck. The major signs embrace a stiff headache, surrounding muscle ache, or sensation. It can severely have an effect on the bottom of the cranium, shoulders, or shoulder blades.
  • Cervicalgia is the ache within the cervical backbone that extends from the bottom of the cranium to the thoracic vertebrae. The ache typically extends to the pinnacle, arms, and again muscle groups. This typically outcomes from poor posture, pressure on the neck muscle groups, or an damage to the cervix that’s accompanied by stiffness and cramps.
  • Torticollis aka wryneck causes the pinnacle to tilt to 1 aspect of the neck. It happens as a result of pressure within the muscle groups on the aspect of the neck. It causes issue and ache in turning the pinnacle, ache within the backbone, and spasms within the neck muscle groups.
  • Cervical Radiculopathy Usually known as a pinched nerve, which is attributable to nerve compression or irritation on the base of the neck. It causes sharp burning ache that begins within the throat and migrates to the hand or finger, adopted by muscle weak spot or lack of sensation.
  • Referred neck ache is one thing that’s triggered by ache in different components of the physique such because the shoulder. Dr. Eric Ricchetti, MD, says, "People can come in with shoulder pain if they really have a neck problem."
  • Neck sprain develops by overstretching the ligament or muscle within the neck. It causes ache that will increase with each motion within the neck and is accompanied by signs comparable to dizziness, fatigue, patchy numbness within the arms or arms, and stiffness.

What does the analysis say?

Yoga has been proven to be efficient in relieving neck ache for all of these kind of neck ache than bodily remedy and different soothing workouts. In a 2017 examine, yoga was proven to assist relieve neck ache, its signs, and the ensuing disabilities.

Another examine was carried out in 2018 that discovered that yoga was simpler than Pilates and Tai Chi at lowering the most typical mechanical neck ache.

Yoga poses for neck ache

When you're able to attempt yoga poses to your neck ache, you'd higher begin with surya namaskar or easy warm-up yoga postures after you get up within the morning. Once the physique is warmed up, you may work on particular poses to alleviate the neck ache. Feel free so as to add modifications and props to the poses as you would like.

Practice these Eight yoga poses to assist relieve neck ache.

1. Ear to shoulder stretch

Ear-to-shoulder stretchImage: Canva

This is a mild yoga stretch for the neck and shoulders that’s completed in the identical method because the title suggests. Here the pinnacle is tilted to 1 aspect till your ear touches the shoulder.

It stretches the perimeters of the neck and relieves any trapped stiffness within the neck muscle groups.


  • Take a lightweight posture (sukhasana) or sit in a chair along with your again straight and shoulders relaxed and your arms in your knees.
  • Take your proper hand and place the palm of your hand over your left ear.
  • Gently slide your head to the best till your proper ear touches the best shoulder.
  • Then carry your head again to the middle and launch your hand.
  • Repeat the identical factor in your left aspect and swap arms.

2. Eagle arms with chin tilted

Eagle arms with chin tiltedImage: Canva

This modified model of the eagle pose (Garudasana) is practiced by complicated the arms in entrance of the face after which pulling the chin in the direction of the chest.

Chin-tilted eagle arms relieve neck ache by tightening the scalp muscle groups, i. H. The sides of the neck, stretch. It additionally stretches the rhomboids and decrease trapezius muscle groups, together with the shoulder blades and higher again. Therefore it is without doubt one of the yoga asanas for neck and again ache in addition to for "referred neck pain".


  • Take up a cushty sitting posture.
  • Bring your arms ahead and hook your proper elbow into the criminal of your left elbow.
  • Entangle and squeeze your arms in order that the palms of your arms are joined in entrance of your face.
  • Now attempt to tilt your chin barely in the direction of your chest.
  • Hold it for some time, then let go of your neck and arms.

3. Thread the needle posture

Thread the needle postureImage: Canva

Threading the needle posture is assumed by putting one arm below the opposite, much like threading the needle motion whereas decreasing one shoulder from the desk posture to the ground. Placing a bolster below the neck on this posture will ease posture and relieve neck ache.

Because this pose twists the backbone, stretches the arms, shoulders, and neck, it helps alleviate the radiating neck ache that reaches these organs. This will scale back the stiffness between the neck, backbone and shoulders and eradicate ache.


  • Start within the desk place and produce your knees below your hips and your wrists below your shoulders.
  • Lift your proper hand off the ground and produce your proper palm up below your left arm to the left.
  • Press your left palm in opposition to the ground and produce your proper arm to the left till your proper shoulder falls to the ground.
  • At the identical time, twist your neck and place it over the bolster to look to the left.
  • As such, maintain the pose for 30 seconds, then relaxation for a number of breaths within the little one's pose.
  • Repeat on the opposite aspect.

4. Extended triangle pose

Extended triangle poseImage supply: Canva

In order to imagine a triangular pose, the higher physique is topic to an asymmetrical ahead bend that stretches the again, neck and leg muscle groups.

The prolonged triangle pose is without doubt one of the greatest cervical backbone yoga asanas because it relieves pressure and ache within the neck, higher again, and shoulders. Thus, it may be practiced to alleviate a sore throat or cervical radiculopathy of the neck ache kind.


  • Assume a posture by separating your legs greater than hip-width aside.
  • Rotate your proper toes 90 levels to the best and rotate your higher physique to the best.
  • Open your arms at shoulder degree along with your palms going through the ground.
  • Bend ahead at your hip and decrease your torso in the direction of your proper leg.
  • At the identical time, decrease your proper hand to the ground subsequent to your proper foot and lift your left arm in the direction of the ceiling.
  • Twist your neck to have a look at your raised fingertips.
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds or change it up by including neck rotations that search for and down.
  • Then come to repeat on the left.

5. Cow face pose

GomukhasanaImage supply: Canva

Cow face pose is without doubt one of the greatest yoga poses for neck and shoulder ache that newcomers typically choose. This is an easy stretch, and including a strap or towel to enhance the stretch will make it simpler to follow. It includes folding your arms behind your again to stretch your arms, neck, and shoulder muscle groups.

This posture improves the pliability of the shoulders to not directly relieve pressure within the neck muscle groups and ache on this area.


  • Start in a cushty sitting place or by crossing your legs and stacking your knees along with your ft pointing to the aspect.
  • Hold a yoga strap along with your left hand and lift your left arm. Bend your elbow up and grasp it behind your again.
  • Take your proper arm behind your again, bend your elbow down, and grasp the decrease finish of the strap along with your proper hand.
  • Try to maintain your arms as shut as doable to enhance the stretch and maintain the pose for five sluggish, deep breaths.
  • Then launch and repeat, altering the place of your legs and arms.

6. Children's pose with elbows on the block

Children's pose with elbows on the blockChildren's pose with elbows on the block. Image: Sukha Design & Photography @

This is a modified model of the youngsters's pose (balasana) that elongates the backbone and helps open the shoulders and neck. It is practiced kneeling on the ground and decreasing the glutes on the heels, lengthening the backbone and decreasing the pinnacle to the ground.

It strengthens the higher again muscle groups and when the brow rests on the block it aligns the backbone with the crown of the pinnacle. Therefore, the neck muscle groups open with out the neck overstretching.


  • Place two blocks shoulder width aside in entrance of the mat.
  • Take the desk place and from there decrease your buttocks onto your heels.
  • Reach ahead to carry your elbows over the blocks and decrease your brow to the ground.
  • Bend your elbows to attach your palms behind your again in an inverted prayer place.
  • Tuck your chin in opposition to your chest and maintain the pose for 5-10 breaths.
  • Additionally, as a substitute of blocks, you should use a rolled up mat or add one other block to relaxation your brow on.

7. Stand ahead bend

Uttanasana - Padahastasana variationSource: Canva

Practicing yoga for neck ache is incomplete with out having to do a ahead bend (uttanasana) in your follow. Practice bending your torso on the hips and preserving your knees mushy to achieve the ground whereas urgent your chin in opposition to your chest.

Putting your chin in opposition to your chest and enjoyable your neck in an inverted place may have a relaxing impact on the backbone and neck muscle groups, serving to to deal with neck ache.


  • Stand tall and separate your legs hip-width aside and your arms on the sides of your physique.
  • As you exhale, fold your torso ahead at your hips and hold your knees barely bent.
  • Try to the touch the bottom or ft along with your arms.
  • Putting your neck to your chin relaxes your neck and head.
  • You can hold your elbows below your head with alternating arms and transfer your head forwards and backwards along with your breath in order to not launch pressure in and round your neck.
  • Stay there for about 60 seconds after which come into the standing place.

8. Easy Seated Twist Pose

slightly sitting turning positionImage: Canva

It differs from different spinal rotations in that it adopts a symmetrical sitting posture. From there, gently twist your neck to the aspect, utilizing your arms as levers on the ground in entrance of and behind your posture.

Seated rotation helps give attention to gently stretching the neck and again muscle groups, so it is without doubt one of the yoga asanas for again and neck ache. Let your breath attain your ache zone for reduction results that forestall the neck muscle groups from overstretching.


  • Take the straightforward posture and hold your again straight.
  • Extend your proper arm to relaxation your proper fingertips on the ground in entrance, and prolong your left arm behind your again so far as doable to relaxation your fingertips on the ground.
  • Inhale, open your chest and lengthen your backbone.
  • Exhale to softly rotate your physique to the left, utilizing your left hand as a lever.
  • Focus on twisting your neck by trying over your left shoulder.
  • Stay there for a number of breaths after which gently launch it within the center and repeat on the opposite aspect.

Avoid yoga poses when you may have neck ache

Practicing yoga with light stretches typically leaves soothing and calming results on neck ache. However, it’s inevitable to grasp that some poses can result in overstretching of the backbone or neck muscle groups.

As a consequence, some poses should not be practiced if somebody has discomfort or sore muscle groups, together with:

  • Inversion poses such because the shoulder stand and head stand compress the neck muscle groups and may exacerbate ache or any stiffness across the shoulder or between the vertebrae.
  • Back bends comparable to cobra, fish, or bow posture can overstretch the neck muscle groups and result in misalignment of the backbone. Therefore, these should be banned if the neck muscle groups are already pressured.
  • Do not attempt to bend or straighten your neck past its impartial place in any of the poses you select for ache reduction.
  • Avoid the plow posture, which rounds the neck muscle groups and stretches the again intensely. Even after you follow this, utilizing a chair as a prop could be helpful.


If you understand all of the ifs and buts, now could be the time to start out utilizing yoga for neck ache as a ache reliever device. Always hearken to your physique to grasp the consequences of a stretch in your ache factors.

Include all of those yoga stretches in your constant follow to arrange your neck to your desk job and the each day actions that promote its power and adaptability.


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