3rd Eye Chakra Symbol

The third eye chakra, often known as the forehead chakra or Ajna, is the sixth chakra of the 7 chakras. It does play a task in your well being, but it surely's particularly essential in sustaining steadiness between your physique and thoughts. The third eye chakra can be seen as a connection between your consciousness and the bodily world.

It is all of the extra essential that you realize the which means and advantages of an open chakra for the third eye.

This article will first clarify some fundamentals earlier than discussing the signs of a blocked third eye chakra. Then we'll present you sensible suggestions and strategies for opening and cleansing your Ajna.

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What does the third eye chakra imply?

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra of the 7 chakras and is symbolized by the aspect spirit. It can be one of many highest chakras and solely that Crown chakra is about it.

The third eye chakra has many names. Here are a number of the hottest:

  • Third eye chakra.
  • Third eye chakra.
  • sixth chakra.
  • third eye.
  • Aura.

The names "frontal chakra" and "frontal chakra" point out the place of the chakra. It's in your brow, between your two eyebrows, to be exact.

"Ajna" is the identify of the chakra in Sanskrit and means "command" or "instruction".

The coloration of the third eye chakra is indigo, a combination of blue and purple. The coloration received its identify from the Indigo plant from which the colour is extracted.

To allow you to higher perceive the which means of the third eye chakra, we should first clarify the idea of the third eye. The third eye is a (non secular) idea that extends throughout completely different cultures. It is an integral a part of Hinduism, Taoism, and different religions.

The third eye is your aura, and theoretically everybody has a 3rd eye, however not everybody can open it. It takes a number of apply and dedication to do that.

Think of it like a muscle that you could practice. While you’re strengthening your biceps or chest muscle tissues by lifting weights, you’re primarily exercising your third eye by way of meditation, yoga and different (non secular) practices. Visualization can be good apply.

When the third eye is open you possibly can see issues from one other dimension. Your two bodily eyes are for the earthly and the third eye for the supernatural. It's the connection between the true and the surreal world. Many see it as a bridge to transcendence and better consciousness.

Your third eye additionally offers interior imaginative and prescient and instinct and is open when the connection between physique and thoughts is strongest. Telepathy and different ideas, similar to receiving messages from the longer term or the previous, are additionally related to the third eye.

But how is the third eye associated to the third eye chakra?

It is unclear whether or not the third eye chakra and the third eye are the identical time period. At Mindmonia, we consider that is the case. Mainly, the which means of the third eye within the scriptures largely corresponds to that of the third eye chakra. The identify "3rd Eye Chakra" alone means that they’re the identical.

The third eye and the pineal gland

Ajna and the pineal gland are sometimes seen collectively. The pineal gland is part of the mind that releases and controls sure (not all) hormones. It regulates your "internal clock", your sleep and is liable for your instinct.

From a medical standpoint, by far a very powerful operate of the pineal gland is the function it performs within the growing older course of. While you sleep, the pineal gland regenerates cell harm and straight impacts how rapidly you age. So when the pineal gland slows down, you age quicker. In medical circles, an underactive pineal gland is named "calcified". When you open or activate your pineal gland, you “decalcify” it.

You can activate or “decalcify” your pineal gland in some ways. Meditation and yoga are only a few of the various choices that you’ve got.

However, is there a distinction between activating the pineal gland and opening the third eye chakra?

Yes, the activation of the pineal gland and the opening of the sixth chakra are sometimes named collectively, though they’re two fully completely different processes. The activation of the pineal gland is a biological-chemical response within the physique, whereas the opening of the chakras is extra of a spiritual-psychological course of.

The cause the 2 are referenced collectively is straightforward: they’re usually activated on the similar time. When you open your third eye chakra, you usually activate your pineal gland as nicely.

When is the third eye chakra blocked?

Purple mesh

As talked about above, the third eye chakra opens when the connection between physique and thoughts is strongest. In order to manifest this connection, you will need to first take care of your different chakras. For instance in case your Heart chakra When you’re blocked, you can not open your third eye chakra.

An open third eye chakra is without doubt one of the closing phases of your non secular journey. It stands for peace of thoughts, instinct, interior steering, readability and inspiration. Those who consider in Ajna's non secular facets can even affiliate this chakra with telepathy, time journey, and different paranormal issues.

Here are some examples of when your third eye chakra is blocked:

  • You don’t really feel your non secular connection or solely weakly.
  • You don't consider in spirituality.
  • You really feel interior unrest.
  • You really feel uncomfortable in your physique.
  • Your thoughts and physique are out of steadiness.
  • You solely settle for and consider in issues that you could measure analytically.
  • You really feel mentally uncomfortable.
  • You endure from a scarcity of focus.

Physically, a blocked third eye chakra primarily manifests itself in:

  • A headache.
  • Migraine.
  • Eye ache.
  • Cold.
  • Sinusitis.

5 suggestions for opening the third eye chakra

Meditating woman in the forest

Opening the third eye chakra isn’t straightforward. If you've by no means handled this matter earlier than, then make sure to take a look at our helpful information first how one can open your 7 chakras.

At this level it is very important emphasize that the third eye chakra primarily depends upon the opposite (underlying) chakras. According to the chakra teachings, it’s essential to take care of a common steadiness between all seven main chakras. However, since this chakra symbolizes the connection between physique and thoughts, it relies upon specifically on the 5 decrease chakras.

3. Eye Chakra (Ajna) meditation

If you’ve already reached the third eye chakra in your energetic cleaning course of, then you’re actually acquainted with meditation. If you don't, you possibly can check out our detailed data Articles on meditation.

The idea of meditation is flexible. There are many use circumstances like chakra meditation the place you meditate to open a selected chakra. There are additionally numerous particular forms of meditation for the third eye chakra to open your third eye chakra.

Here is a fast information:

  • First, take a cushty sitting place or lie down.
  • Now shut your eyes
  • Focus in your breath and take a couple of deep breaths to calm it down.
  • Focus your consideration on the realm between your eyes (brow).
  • Think of your third eye chakra as an indigo-colored ball of power that glows between your eyes.
  • Imagine the power that the chakra offers off as coloured streaks that seem in entrance of your interior eye.

As quickly as you discover that you’re misplaced in your ideas or that you just can not visualize your third eye chakra, gently shift your focus again to your respiratory. Calm your respiratory and attempt to visualize your third eye once more. You mustn't attempt to cease your ideas. This is just not attainable and even counterproductive.

Mantras will also be useful. The Bija mantra (particularly useful for the 7 chakras) of the third eye chakra is "OM".

However, you can not open your third eye in a single day. It takes a number of time, endurance, and laborious work to realize this state.

third Eye Chakra (Ajna) crystals and stones

Chakra stone

As already talked about in a number of of our chakra articles, there are particular (therapeutic) stones and crystals which have a optimistic impact on every chakra. Since the colour indigo symbolizes Ajna, it reacts notably nicely to the next stones and crystals:

  • Fluorite.
  • Azurite.
  • Sodalite.
  • Lapis lazuli.
  • Amethyst.
  • Hawk's eye.

You can use any of the stones and crystals talked about above to additional improve different strategies of additional opening the third eye chakra. You can maintain the stones in your hand whilst you meditate or use them to embellish your own home, for instance.

However, scientific research haven’t but confirmed whether or not and the way stones and crystals assist cleanse your third eye chakra. One attainable clarification is the placebo impact, the place the one concept of ​​the treatment triggers the precise treatment. Another principle that can be not confirmed is the idea of vibrations.

The vibration principle says that after you set the stones in your pores and skin, they trigger vibrations that create therapeutic powers within the chakra.

Ultimately, it comes right down to who you ask. Some folks report that they’ve had good outcomes with therapeutic stones whereas others declare the alternative. It's finest to attempt it for your self and resolve how efficient you discover it to be.

3. Eye chakra (Ajna) oils

Like stones, oils are useful accelerators for the energetic therapeutic course of. As you might know, every chakra has a function with which it’s particularly related. For instance, the sense of scent is the sense of the foundation chakra. In easy phrases: the effectiveness of oils varies from chakra to chakra.

No matter how you utilize them, every oil has completely different results on every of your chakras. They may be notably efficient for some chakras and fully ineffective for others. So it’s best to attempt them out for your self.

You can use the next oils and flavors for the third eye chakra:

  • Aloe wooden.
  • Jasmine.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Mint.
  • Lemongrass.
  • Basil.
  • Rosemary.
  • Juniper.

Usage: Apply the oil to your brow or meditate with important oils.

Affirmations of the third eye chakra (Ajna)

Affirmations are a preferred technique to open and launch energetic blockages in nearly each chakra. As you phrase it, concentrate on the values ​​and meanings of the chakra you wish to cleanse.

Here are some examples for the third eye chakra:

  • I perceive myself
  • I perceive my thoughts
  • I perceive my physique.
  • I hear my interior voice.
  • I belief my instinct.

You are welcome to create and communicate different affirmations of your personal. It is essential that you just formulate every affirmation optimistic, within the current, and energetic. It can be essential to repeat them a number of instances a day in order that they will take their full impact.

3. Eye Chakra (Ajna) Yoga

In addition to meditation, yoga can be an efficient methodology for opening the third eye chakra. In yoga one can differentiate between Asanas (bodily workout routines) and Pranayama (Breathing workout routines).

In our opinion, yoga is much more useful than meditation for the forehead chakra. This is as a result of yoga has an (even) stronger concentrate on balancing and sustaining the connection between physique and thoughts. As talked about above, this connection is of essential significance for the third eye chakra.

When utilizing yoga particularly to heal the chakras, you often concentrate on the bodily location of the chakra. They do poses that concentrate on this space of ​​the physique (root chakra – for instance, the decrease again).

However, this isn’t the case with the third eye chakra. Ajna is extra about understanding your physique as a complete, controlling it and bringing it into concord and peace together with your thoughts. Hence, all yoga poses are useful to your ajna.

Here are some examples of yoga poses you are able to do to purify your third eye chakra:

  • Anjaneyasana – half moon pose.
  • Balasana – little one's posture.
  • Kapotasana – conserving pigeons.


The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra of the 7 chakras. It is situated in your brow and is symbolized by the colour indigo, the aspect of spirit and the values ​​of interior peace, instinct and the connection between physique and spirit.

In our opinion, Ajna is a synonym for the third eye. According to non secular, non secular scriptures, you possibly can see paranormal issues if you’re open. It can be usually related to the pineal gland. Whether or not the third eye in the end exists is a query of religion that we can not reply.

Whether or not you consider in telepathy and different paranormal issues, it’s completely affordable that you must care in regards to the third eye chakra. After all, you don't should consider in spiritual-religious issues to get the bodily and psychological advantages that include it.

Similar to the idea of karma, we see the chakras, particularly the third eye chakra, as guides for self-love and self-care. In our opinion, though it may be interpreted as such, it isn’t a strict algorithm that you will need to observe to be able to keep your non secular enlightenment.

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Thank you for studying.


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